Level IV Standalone

The Nexus Level 4 (IV) Standalone Plate can be used in Warriors RICAS, RICAS Compact, Raptor, DCS, the Recon Plate Carrier and the latest Elite Ops Range of Chest Rigs.

The 10 x 12 (250mm x 300mm) plates are ceramic face with hard pressed composite kevlar backing, adhesive and wrapped and sealed with a ballistic nylon.

Incorporates Double Curve for greater usability and comfort.


  • Ceramic face with hard pressed composite kevlar backing
  • Wrapped and sealed with a ballistic nylon
  • Protection Rating : Level 4 ( IV )
  • Size: (10″ x 12″) 250mm x 300mm
  • Thickness: 18mm
  • Shape: Double curve
  • Weight: 3.2kg (7.05lbs)



NIJ Level IV ( NIJ 0101.04 ) Provides Balistic protection against the following

  • 7.62mm x 63mm (30.06) x 2 shots
  • 7.62mm x 54mm Heavy Ball Dragunov x 4 shots
  • 7.62mm x 51mm (NATO) Fal, GPMG, etc
  • 7.62mm x 39mm Mild Steel Core AK47 x 6 shots
  • 7.62mm x 39mm ball (AK-47/AK-56)
  • 5.56mm x 45mm SS109
  • 5.56mm x 45mm ball ( M-193, M-855)
  • 5.45mm x 39mm Russian ball ( AK 74 )